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Wedding Invitations for different cultures


A great way to make your wedding and your wedding invitations unique to you is to keep the invitations inline with your culture or cultures of the happy couple. Every culture differs when it comes to weddings and in turn the wedding invitations. Traditional English invitations will be different to that of traditional Indian wedding invitations.

By adding your cultural flair to your wedding and your invitations youíll not only be celebrating who you are your roots but youíll make that difference which will make your wedding stand out from the crowd.

Letís explore the different cultures and the difference in the invitations to give you some ideas of what can be achieved.

Traditional Indian Wedding Invitations

It is not an understatement when they say Indian Weddings are the event of the year! Weddings are a celebration of two people coming together in front of their families and friends, celebrations and festivals are a big part of Indian culture and so it goes without saying that the Indian culture go all out for their weddings. So how about the invitations? The invitations are split into categories of the religion such as Hindu, Sikh, and some even offer non-religious or interfaith wedding invitations. From here you have the option of the different patterns, colour schemes and designs. The designs tend to be a lot more vibrant than say the traditional white and plain designs of traditional English wedding invitations, using colours of bright yellows and oranges and bold patterns which gives the invitation a lot more life and a sense of fun and festivity.

Traditional Chinese Wedding Invitations

As with Indian wedding invitations Chinese wedding invitations tend to be very bold with energetic colour schemes, for example the cards / paper can be red or gold foil and on the front they have a the design of the Chinese dragon and phoenix which is the symbol for marriage. This is very traditional and younger couples like to go for a more modern and up-to-date approach using contemporary Asian symbols and sketches.††††

African Inspired Wedding Invitations

African weddings are a lot more upbeat shall we say than traditional Western weddings. When the bride walks down the aisle in a traditional Western wedding the music played is slow and has a unhurried beat, whereas in Africa the music is a lot faster with a drum beat that is played to announce her arrival. With regards to the wedding invitations these range from the plain white design with a tasteful flowery print to coloured paper / cards with bold shapes and silhouettes.

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